Ever since I was a little kid my imagination has run wild. I have no idea where it all began, but I like to think that drawing, sculpting, and playing with legos were like creative steroids. As an adult, I have come to understand that I have art to thank for helping me deal with anxiety, functioning as a form of meditation, and providing me with a great deal of fulfillment in my life. Whether I am working on a small drawing, massive canvas, or a 3D model I am always passionate about my work. After community college I decided to attend Ex’pression College for Digital Arts and earned a BAS in Game Art and Design. So aside from fine art, I also specialize in 3D modeling, texture design, and game development. There are so many different art mediums and I am constantly experimenting, learning, and playing around with new ones! I can't help but mention my family who have always been supportive and made me who am am today . I am definitely a lucky dude :)