Still Life Drawing

I have always really enjoyed traditional art mediums and it would make sense that my journey into digital art began with drawing. Training your eyes to see light and shadow in a new way is very important. Even though I have shifted from still life drawing to the abstract it is still fun to go back from time to time.

Non-Objective Art

Geometric abstraction has always been a fascinating art form to me. Perhaps it comes from my own anxiety, or my weird ( yet entertaining) dreams, but for many years I have been in love with the non-objective art medium. I really like what said in the quote below.

By avoiding all references to naturalism, non-objective art cannot age. Nor will its significance be downgraded as a result of negative associations in the mind of the spectator. Instead, the picture will be judged on its own merit. Moreover, according to Platonic philosophy, beauty lies in the ideal - the ideal form of a thing, rather than its worldly actuality. Thus non-objective art possesses an aesthetic quality unattainable by regular representational painting. Some artists (eg. Kandinsky) have gone so far as to endow concrete art with the same sort of 'spirituality' and 'purity' as music.

Non-Objective Paper Art

While cutting up some cardboard to throw in the recycling one evening my brain had a minor epiphany. How about creating three dimensional pieces using paper and paint ?! A strange idea was born and I have been experimenting ever since.  

Non-Objective Pen Pieces

I have always found a great way to wind down is with some pens, paper and music. Creating balanced geometric abstractions can be challenging and it is a great way to reach a meditative state. I rarely create rough drafts and like to dive in with heavy permanent pen strokes. Where the design will take me is always a mystery.